Come and row in the Venetian way

Come and row with us!   Visit the city as you’ve never done before. An alternative path to knowledge, rethought in a multi-sensorial key,...

Accessible Tourism in Siena

2-4 Day
We offer a new exciting way to live tourism in Siena: historical and accessible to everyone. Siena will be explain through the analysis of Arch....

Touching the Venetian masks

1 Day
Visit Venezia as you have never done before. An alternative path of knowledge, re-planned in a multisensorial way which aims to show you the...

Napoli – Folklore and Enogastronomy

5 Day
Napoli is a characteristic and unique city, full of magic,  where traditions and superstitions are still alive and enjoyable! We will walk...

Exploring Murano

1 day
A journey enriched by tactile-workshop experiences to make the discovery way much fun, exciting and educational.

Accessible Venezia

4 Day
Thanks to these methods, we will cover different topics, such as: Venezia layout and districts, its day-to-day life, names of places, the important connection with the lagoon, traditions...

Accessible Tourism in Riviera d’Ulisse

7 giorni
An accessible and experiential itinerary planned for an audience with intellectual disabilities, designed also as an opportunity of growth and...