ViaggiDiffusi is a branch of Esplora dedicated to responsible tourism and was born from the passion for travelling and for the meaning of travel itself. It offers touristic experiences to promote the territory, following the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism, as provided by the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism (AITR).

Esplora is an association of social, touristic and cultural advancement born in 2013 in Itri (LT) and then developed across several Regions of Italy. Its aim is to promote the territory, sustainable tourism and intercultural education through the organisation of training courses, intercultural exchanges and volunteer experiences.

We believe in experiential tourism, trying to enhance the territories with special consideration for culture, traditions and local nature; furthermore, we try to deviate from the standards of the tourist mass, relying exclusively on local realities that promote the territory without exploiting it, in harmony with environmental protection.

Our organisation wants to sponsor a kind of travel primarily intended as discovery and knowledge; traveling to experience real memorable moments between culture and local traditions, consciously interacting with them.

All our offers come from direct knowledge of the territory: we promote places and experiences that we know in person. We travel in small groups or Individually, offering also tours suitable for more copious groups.

ViaggiDiffusi is present in the area of Sud-Pontino (Gaeta-Itri-Sperlonga), Sicily, Puglia, Piedmont, Tuscany, Naples, Rome, Siena and Venice.