Venezia is an amazing city, everything is different compared to other places. It is a unique city, not only because there are water and boats instead of asphalt and cars… you will find out the reason why!

Our tour in Venice is complete and well-structured, providing an ideal length of time for various interactive experiences, which are specifically designed for blind people and enjoyable to everyone.

Through informal talks, we will speak about different topics, such as: city layouts and districts, its day-to-day life, orienteering, the connection with the Lagoon, traditions and so on. For a deep knowledge of the city, we will do some workshops about  traditional Venetian boat (understanding how they are made and trying to row), masks, coffee and the most exciting: Murano glass workshop.

Just a weekend to visit Venezia is a bit too short. We suggest 4 day and 3 night – of course if you want a different option we will work on it. It’s possible to combine the Venezia visit with other journeys in BolognaSiena or Roma.