This Ability Art Shop

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This Ability Art Shop is a project made by ViaggiDiffusi, with the aim of raising awareness...

How much do you know about disabilities?

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We have created a quiz for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, coming on the...

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Come and row in the Venetian way

Come and row with us!   Visit the city as you’ve never done before. An alternative path to knowledge, rethought in a multi-sensorial key,...

Explore Nature

South Pontino is a plentiful land: 4 National Parks rise here not by chance: Circeo Park, Monti Ausoni Park and Fondi lake, Monti Aurunci Park...

Discovering our tradition between cities and food

South-Pontino Culture: small towns with a great charm, growing along the Riviera d’Ulisse coast that was the bounday line between the Papal...

Sea experience

The sea of the Riviera di Ulisse is one of the most beautiful seas in Italy! The most famous seaside towns in this area are: Formia, Gaeta,...

Discovering Venice by boat

1 Day
Visit the city as you’ve never done before. An alternative path to knowledge, thought in a multi-sensorial key, which aims to understand...

Through the alleys with a Venetian

1 or more Day
Explore Venice as a local with a young Venetian friend! You will take a walk through narrow streets and beautiful alleys, away from the flow of...


Italy is a unique country, especially for its diversity: landscape, cultural, culinary, linguistic ... and we like to enhance them, remember them, highlight them. We believe that traveling means contact, encounter and knowledge of the local culture. Several of our experiential tourism offers to visit a place in a unique way.


Here you will find our offers of Volunteering in the world, different destinations that we propose to spend a different holiday a holiday that can give you much more than any other trip. You will live in close contact with local realities, knowing them and discovering them as you could not do otherwise.


Accessible Tourism means all tourist activities with the aim of allowing everyone access to the practice of tourism can be people with sensory or psychic motor handicaps, but also, more generally, with physical disabilities, including temporary pathological states. ViaggiDiffusi offers various offers for the blind (Venezia and Sud-pontino) and a self-catering holiday for children with Down syndrome.


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  • What is ViaggiDiffusi ?

    It is the travel sector of the social tourism promotion association Explore, based in Itri (LT). We can say that ViaggiDiffusi is a philosophy ... we believe in the journey as: experience, discovery, encounter, knowledge, and clearly leisure, fun and ralax. We believe in experiential tourism , we, when we travel, enjoy doing workshop activities or in nature such as: trying to row in the canals of Venice, canoe trips, snorkel in the Sud-Pontino, visit dairies or farms, do clay workshops with the little ones, bike rides and visit the cities with the eyes of a local enjoying the moment without having to rush to visit another city.
  • Where do our offers come from?

    All our offers are a direct knowledge of the area we offer. We have made several collaborations with other companies in the Italian territory in order to allow the traveler unique experiences.
  • What is meant by experiential tourism?

    They are all those tourist offers that allow you to live a true experience in contact with a particularity of the place you are visiting. By tourist experience we mean the whole journey from departure to return, experiential tourism is intended as "active tourism", activities that see the traveler personally involved in: workshops in craft workshops, visits to dairies or farms collaborating in the production of oil, cheese, wine etc ... tastings and culinary tours, sports experiences, rafting, canoeing, hiking or biking and the like.