Riviera d'Ulisse
Durata: 7 giorni
Luogo: Gaeta e Sperlonga

An accessible and experiential itinerary planned for an audience with intellectual disabilities,

designed also as an opportunity of growth and training for everyone

The primary goal of our vacation is to offer an experience of autonomy to participants, in a safe habitat, thanks to the constant presence of tutors / professional helpers.

The idea is that each participant would get out of his daily life, interfacing with people and situations different from his routine, living few days in an ambience good for sharing and socializing. We won’t stay in hotel, we will rent an apartment/house, in order to have the participants engaged in the housekeeping, empowering them.

We will visit South Pontino via an alternative experiential itinerary, which aims to the understanding of traditions and customs of one of the most fascinating territories in Italy, with its landscapes, its smells, its flavors, its stunning boroughs of Sperlonga, Gaeta, Itri and Terracina.

A journey enriched by workshops, moments of informal yet accurate explanations, in order to make the discover funnier, exciting and educational.

Everyone involved in these workshops are natives, having a deep knowledge and respect of their culture and their art.

Here are our workshops proposals:


From olive to oil (According with the season)

We offer an unusual experience, an imaginary journey from tree to oil, exploring this centuries-old tradition, example of a reality deeply rooted in its land and its fruits. All senses will be involved. You will have the chance to enjoy the atmosphere, which characterizes the harvest period, with its colors, sounds and odors, and to visit a mill to experience the ongoing transformation.

(The activity will permit you to visualize and follow the working processes and understand its causal-logical sequence.)



Workshop experience: create something concrete using your own imagination. Get your hands in the clay, to know the material, process it and then eventually bring out something definite.

The purpose of the activity is to work on manipulative skills and perceptual/tactile abilities of the participants, by binding the imaginative and creative issue to the sequencing temporal/causal issue.


Hiking on Monti Aurunci

Have a walk in the nature of the Aurunci mountains, discovering the properties and characteristics of the flora of this specific environment. A sensorial experience, in which each participant will have the opportunity to refine its sense of smell, to touch various textures, to observe colors, to discovery bio-diversity. The purpouse of this activity is to work on perceptual capacities in their entirety, using the natural element as a useful medium, perfectly suitable, with its many facets, to the associative-discriminatory sensory based activities.



Becoming familiar with a horse

We offer the possibility of approaching a horse and his whole world, from petting till becoming familiar with the animal.

The work, inspired by scientific papers regarding therapy with animals, seeks to take advantage of the positivity, that people can get by getting in touch with animals, sharing some time with them.

The details of the experience could be managed depending on the characteristics of each individual group.



Processing stramma: the combination of a poor raw material with human expertise to create something useful.

We offer the opportunity to know this useful raw material – a bush used since ancient times – and how to work it by observing an expert at work, with the opportunity to try firsthand.

The activity, apart from having a value of getting to know an ancient art, will permit to exercise manual skills and hand-eye coordination in making something concrete.


La Tiella                                                  

Tiella is the typical dish of the city of Gaeta. This workshop offers the opportunity to learn the secrets of its recipe, from the dough – almost but not quite pizza dough – to the stuffing (fish or vegetable), to make the dish firsthand and eventually to have a tasting of it.

The practical experiential workshop stimulates the manual skills of the participants and the ability to follow the work according to a certain order.


SailingRiviera d'Ulisse

Steering a sailing boat out to sea to feel the wind through your hair.

Participants will be offered the chance to admire the coastline from a privileged point of view, under the supervision and with the presence on board of experienced staff.

The activity, associated with a short yet accurate explanation, will permit students to take responsibility and to feel protagonists in the action.


Other activities

In addition to workshops activities, we offer the possibility to try other experiences such as:

  1. A boat ride to discover the wonders of the Riviera d’Ulisse – coastline between Gaeta and Sperlonga: coves, caves and rock pools, bright colors and breathtaking views;
  2. A canoe ride on Fondi Lake: a natural monument, a protected area and a complex ecosystem, habitat for many protected species;
  3. Rickshaw: try a new way to travel, enjoy the excitement of the wind in your hair, like riding a bike.


The proposal is also valid for accompanied groups.

Contact us for more information at: info@viaggidiffusi.com

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